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    Netflix ki jarurat nahi opm muse Asia free meh dikata hai

  2. hafu

    i would recommend this movie to everyone! the ending is very shocking..

  3. sadss. XX

    This is a horror movie. A horror that most women have to go thru. A horror that most men can never sympathize with. A horror that don't care about the age of a girl. A horror that's prevalent in most parts of the world. A horror that can never be justified.

  4. Durga Prasad Hembram

    The way OTT platforms are giving master class web series with talented artists are purely mesmerizing. This trailer seems no less than a Hollywood level of essence.

  5. Mary Dahlia Balasabas


  6. Yk roy

    guddu bayya 🔥

  7. lifeissets

    Watch sub.

  8. Piyush Shishodia

    how is this utter bullshit is comedy?

  9. Suren Lama

    Unkilled_zombies game

  10. Suren Lama

    New game

  11. Suren Lama


  12. ᴀᴅɪᴛʏᴀ

    james cosmo villain acting vera levelu

  13. Goury Shankar

    That bulbul dialogue was savage....

  14. Tube or Not Tube

    Yeh kya tha ?

  15. i Create

    @Tanmay Bhat Checkout - “Signal” (thriller , parallel time line, murder investigation and awsome OST) Watch “Reply 1988” (you will feel nostalgic, story made out of daily life ) “Ittewon Class” (drama drama , and damn strong characters, coming of age) “Strong girl Bongsoon” (comedy full on) “What’s wrong with secretary Kim” (comedy full on) “Vincenzo” (mafia , comedy, good one to watch, u will love the pigeon 😉) Try these for now there are so many more …

  16. Dhruba Sharma

    2:43 He's getting crazy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. rishita singh

    I personally did not like this Indian version they twisted it a lot man , no doubt the original was a treat to watch!

  18. parashar bezbaruah

    Abhijeet ke liye dekhna hai

  19. K R

    That P.R. Akash/Prakash thing was the most hilarious🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  20. Muhammad Ayan

    3:55 Bete wah bete maj kardi wah maj kardi wah bete wah Arrey wah tum to bara heavy driver ho bhei

  21. Lovely Shorts

    So Netflix india(my own country) never gives me a heart. They do. 😊

  22. കീരിക്കാടൻ ജോസ്

    Some one stole Narendra Modis art...😂

  23. Richik Nilay Mukherjee

    Oh my fucking God! Srijit Mukherji is going to destroy this legendary story by Ray. He’s a god awful pseudo intellectual 🤦🏻‍♂️

  24. Sachin Malhotra

    such poor acting

  25. Ashutosh Kumar


  26. The_Bhaktas_Edits

    2:17 love this grandma

  27. Mudit Jain

    Guddu bhaiya pehelwan hi badiya the.

  28. TigeRikaz


  29. anita_pup

    اسم الفيلم بلييييززز

  30. Steven James

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  31. Fatima Sohrab


  32. Yeasin Arafat

    Some one tell me all movie. Name….

  33. Yeasin Arafat

    Dhanush 😍😍😍

  34. 100% normal

    Every starts to say dialogues, Vijay seathupathi:eat sugar for more sweet

  35. Aman Dash

    Worst story of the 4.

  36. Jibin Kumbazha


  37. Gajender Bhogia

    2 min me story pta nhi chalti bewkuuff

  38. Arpita Paul

    Bipin Coudhuryr Smiritibhrom. Look it up 👍

  39. Rishi Raj Shukla

    Swag is so high. A true actor

  40. Aditya Sisodiya

    *I get a brand deal just to wash my face* Damn !!, that flex felt too hard

  41. Mohona Mukherjee

    How not to give an honest review: this. 😋

  42. Aditya Sisodiya

    "Battein faili just like my belly" Ufff , self burn defination

  43. Ley de la Creatividad


  44. Blink forever

    Happy pride month ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  45. Ronald Patrick

    Trailer is disappointed

  46. sulagana biswas

    Rohit Saraf acted well.

  47. Hamza Sheikh.

    they dont study bio and it's showing

  48. Dalia Chakraborty

    The census you are talking about calculated the English speaking percentage just by their mother tongue. So in that census I won't be counted as a English speaking citizen coz my mother tongue is Bengali. There was no accounting for 'other languages' you know. So that 10% is a massive under count

  49. Vikas Jaiswal

    Vijay Verma steals the Show. I think he is the only person to portray Hyderabadi dialect to such a perfection after the film 'The Angrez'

  50. Harley quinn

    "Butterfly effect"

  51. Jma Ebm

    Same clerk sey on Italia omn is bigotto. Bisanzio do it ortodosso

  52. Jma Ebm

    .. nonna nella . and osho. About touaregh.

  53. Jeetendra Patel

    Sab fas gye h

  54. Sanskriti Agrawal

    I loved viraj. Then I saw nani. Now i love nani more😂😂.


    Writing aur acting bahut sahi hai bhai!!

  56. Mahmoud latch

    Warning: Dear netflix owners, if arturito doesnt die in season 5 and the professor survive imma remove my subscription and wont buy ur subscriptions anymore

  57. S Muhilan

    Stupid movie I ever watched.. mr suburaj naidu

  58. Hossain

    Its a masterpiece