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    Maybe fighting with zombies isn't that easy after all. 😦

    Watch as Huma Qureshi talks about her experience with Dave Bautista and Ella Purnell, and get a sneak peak into what being on a Zack Synder set feels like! Catch her in action in Army Of The Dead, streaming only on Netflix.

    After a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries takes the ultimate gamble by venturing into the quarantine zone for the greatest heist ever.

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    1. Rohii Krish

      Valimai update

    2. pradeep gautam

      Best of luck

    3. Sunpr33t

      Huma ka Role toh Anil kappor k Role say bhi kaam Tha. 😂😂

    4. Shanker khatri

      Isko liya kisne🙄

    5. kamal bisht

      Is she alive. I mean everyone just forgot her in the last.

    6. siddhivinayak raut

      What happened to her after plane's crash???

    7. Shuaib Khan

      Her character was wasted in the film. Her fate is unknown, becoz of her whole team got dead. This movie sucks overall.

    8. Ayush Jha

      Can u tell me , what r u doing in the picture ????

    9. Zahirul Haque

      Army of the dead and useless bitch 😂

    10. Akash Bose

      Netflix walo ko mullo se lag hi pyaar h netslam rkh lo naam

    11. OMEGA Niru

      Good 👍🏻

    12. 009ring

      The girl how did all of the lafad . Forgot s her after helicopter crash😂😂. She didn't even bothered to find her. Wat a stupidity. Esse to Salman ka movie dekhlo 😂😂

    13. Kaydee

      Huma has screen time of approx 5 mins and says my upcoming movie 😂

    14. Deepak Kumar

      Leila season 3 kb ayega

    15. Alpha dimension

      Just because of u all died... The hero went ro save her daughter.... His daughter accompanied him to save u...😢😢😢.... Seriously i don't like u

    16. mario bahadur

      Excellent work at maharani web series

    17. vishwas virani

      Dear Huma, out of the sheer love for you, gotta say that this movie is well beneath your stature, it utterly let you down and you shouldn't ever say yes to such idiocy again.

      1. Chinmaya Singh Rawat

        Exactly! Snyder fans are defending the film while it was a dumpster fire!

    18. Kumaranimesh Pandey

      You are the only eason for the film to be a disaster both on screen and offscreen.

    19. Aravinth Shankar

      I really don't understand y u played this role. There is no scope in that character

    20. Ajay Bob

      Hers his the worst character in army of the dead


      3:27 video for behind the scenes is bigger than her role in the film

    22. arjun2880

      Will there be a 2nd part as she vanished in the end, donno whether she survived or fell off from the roof or the Zack forgot about her and left her behind.

    23. Ady J

      Huma Qureshi who?

    24. samar khatri

      Did she survive at the end ?

    25. Soman Sankara

      Yemma nee valimai update kuduma?

    26. Shailesh Yadav

      They used Huma's name only for Indian audience, but in movie...there are nothing about her. She is the person for whom whole team got trapped. Hardly 4-5 minutes of role as a Weak and fool.

    27. VLB

      Agr nhi bhi hoti to movie wese hi banti 😂

    28. SLIPKNOT j

      She practically did not have a role. The girl who went in search for her had a bigger role

    29. jegan jays

      வலிமை "valimai" update please "Huma qureeshi"

      1. Rohii Krish

        Ena namba pasanga kanum pathen irukangaa 🤯🤯🥺🥺🥺🥺

    30. Amol Sapkal

      We proud of you..You are recognised internationally.

      1. Mr. Nobody

        Ghanta .....pta nhi movie me wo hai kyu bhi....faltu role....useless 5 min looser role


        For 5min role??

    31. Kumpi Panda

      why Huma? netflix didnt get any other talent from india? worst acting as usual and i felt like switching to other movie when ever she was on screen

    32. diksha gupta

      Proud of u huma!!🤩

    33. Gaurav Gaur

      What happened to you in the end😤

    34. Tenzin Kelsang

      I watched the the movie. Are you is this movie. I didn't notice.🤣😂🤣😂😂. Seriously

    35. Ravi Negi

      Chota sa role hai apka aur helicopter wale scene Mai toh ap gayab he ho gyi thi

    36. dhananjay krishna

      Font ka colour dress ke colour se match karwana zaroori tha kya?

    37. Jai hind

      Lol... It was a blink and miss scene.

    38. Victor Keshari

      The movie is not up to the mark.

    39. Arijeet xyz

      Basically this movie is all about money is not important than life. who had greed for they died. So , greed is bad

    40. Tuhin Das2

      You are looking so cute ma'am😍😍😍

    41. MAX DAWSON

      She had nothing in the movie...just running...could have taken any body for that role..


      Keyu gai tu Kiya keya tune movie maie

    43. Subhajit Mondal

      Ye v movie mae thi kya?

    44. Head Shot

      Mam aap helicopter crash scene ke baad kha chali gayi thi?

    45. jaswinder singh fateh

      wow congratssssss

    46. Indian Boy

      Bakwas flim, no storyline,

    47. Kunal

      Army of the dead was such a bad bad bad film 😭😭

    48. Iqra Aziz Official

      Kon kon Apni Maa ❤️ Respect aor Like Karta hai Vo Kro 👇👇👇

    49. Danja Ku

      Tell in hindi ....

    50. Shadab K

      Sir plzz request start pokemon new season plz plz plz plz plzz plzzz bhote log wait kar rha hai 2 years sa delay ho rha hai ab start kardo plzz sir

    51. Irfan Khan

      I am in deep shock after watching this movie what actually doing huma in the army of the dead..i mean her cameo character is useless and wasting of our 10 mins

      1. Pramit Chakraborty

        @Akash Agrawal let's see about that. Indians have a "gora babu good boy bol do" mentality.

      2. Akash Agrawal

        It's a plot for the second installment huma has a big role in it.. if you are a synder fan than you are familiar with the twist and turns

    52. Shrey Pandey

      Huma 👎👎

    53. Shashank Tripathy

      What happened to huma's character at the end?????

    54. vishal gamerz(skullvishal)


    55. Bhagyesh Bathani

      Jab pata tha ki zombies katenge to iron man jesa kuch majbut kavach pahen ke jana chahiye tha na !! (Ok J_K 😂)

    56. A G

      She got 4 or 5 scenes Thats big think

    57. Nishant nishu


    58. A♡MER

      Did Geeta Survived The Helicopter Crash ???

    59. No problem

      Bhai puri movie ek saath hi daal do na adha adha kar ke video me clips dikhane ki kya zarurat hai

    60. Ego Nemo

      Her role was so insignificant that they did not even care to show her dead body!!


      The movie was not that great. And not to be rude, I found Geeta annoying

    62. Rajat Naik

      Lol I saw Huma quershi for hardly 1 minute in the movie.

    63. Raman Kaler 2M

      Nic🔥 Good Night All

    64. Shivam Pandey

      Jub is channal ka naam netflix India hai to jahir si baat hai ise India ke log hi dekhenge to hindi bolne me tumhari bejjati ho rahi thi kya madom

    65. Deoraj Dayal

      She does nothing in that movie a showpiece for attraction to Indian viewer's . Her presences is worthless

    66. Gautam Kalita

      I want to see her as zombie. But disappointed..😁😁😁😁😁

    67. Neighbour Guy

      Pointless and dumb character ,seems like hwood is pushing asian actors into movies for sake of diversity nothing to with script or plot, Plus didn't kill the character for the same reason while killed the other dumb characters who are with her when kidnapped by zombies

    68. Unknown Da

      Thanks for 1k ❤️❤️ Ab 1.5k karado do 😘😘 Love U all friends😘🙏❤️

    69. @#FUNNY SHORTS

      It was amazing

    70. @#FUNNY SHORTS

      I watched it

    71. hameed saif

      She was Click bait for all Indian Netflixers.....ther was nothing special about her in the Army

    72. aanupama rani

      The movie was just like without any sense as everyone except batista's(what ever his real name is ) daughter was dead

      1. Spandan Bhattacharya

        Most action movies are usually nosensical. So yeah

    73. vaibhav Tandekar

      Why there is no season 2 of Leila webseries?

    74. Baskaran Ananthakrishnan

      another indian actor wasted in a hollywood movie , hope dhanush gets a good role in the gray man


      भगवान बोले मांग तुझे क्या चाहिए !🙏 मैंने बोला ज्यादा कुछ नहीं बस..!🙏 जो ये कमेंट पढ़ा रहा है 🙏 उसकी मां बाप की लंबी उम्र करदे ♥️

    76. A Sharma


    77. Harry Kahlon

      Why you are not speaking hindi.

    78. Tej pal

      Bollywood third quality content

    79. sanjay chand

      movie toh bekaar thi time waste very War z achhi h

    80. Shafaaz Jahangier

      Sorry huma, but i had expected a lot more of you in your first hollywood debut, more action more thrill, these kinds acts of yours have we seen before in bollywood movies and better acts....hope you will get a real role next time in hollywood....

    81. Devarsh Patil

      This time she didn't get paid to tweet about delhi mosque rape incident ....

    82. amrit prusty

      Watched train to Busan few days before this . This looked like a high budget parody in comparison

      1. Neha Shrestha

        I agree

    83. Mikhil Degvekar

      Your playing that dumbest character

    84. Noob Player

      Hypocrite overacting

    85. Arif Ahmad

      ur flim😃😃😃 ur sching time 5 minutes 🤨 in this movie

    86. Sandrieo

      Plz also upload Pokemon journeys in English or hindi

    87. Prem Shrama

      5min ke roll ke liye itni khushi 😂

      1. Pramit Chakraborty

        Anyone remember that 3 seconds Sonam Kapoor appearance in Hymns of the weekend by cold play. She was acting as if she had won an Oscar or something.

      2. Dhaneshwari

        @Prashant Rajput She literally compared this role with her Gangs of Wasseypur's role. Fact is our Indian actors are literally wasted by Hollywood by giving them these small roles which has no impact and doesn't require much acting. This is why I respect those Indian actors who refused these types of roles and focus on what they have.

      3. Prashant Rajput

        Bro it's not easy to get role in Hollywood.

      4. Prem Shrama

        @Dhaneshwari 😂 sahi hai

      5. Dhaneshwari

        Kuch log Hollywood se judne ke liye kuch bhi karenge phir role bale hi do minute ka kyun na ho.

    88. Xavier

      I will never forget the time. I was at a party. We were playing truth and dare. And someone dared me to go home.😒

    89. Anvay Sharma

      Zack wouldn't keep it that simple 😂😂damn true

    90. Swapnil Sinha

      Zack synders be like "ab hm ismein thora sa huma Qureshi v daal dete hai indian tadke k liye ".😆

      1. Rajdeep Pokhriyal

        Most bollywood actors get such roles in hollywod..not more than 5 or 6 minutes...just to get viewers of our large population....

      2. DT Goutam Behera

        Bro huma ji ke liye last main kuch mar jate hai agar huma nhi hota toh ye sah helicopter main ja chuke hote...huma ji ko kuch toh imp role mila hai..

      3. Dhaneshwari

        Most of the Indian actors are wasted like this in Hollywood.

    91. sarthak kachhawaha ki vines

      Great movie!! Want some spoilers guyss

    92. Ishan Aheerao

      Movie was op

    93. Buttar 56

      Wow 64th comment is mine 😃

    94. Miguel Alejandro Anaya Rivera


    95. K_S_B GAMING

      So awesome movie

    96. K_S_B GAMING

      Main yah movie dekh li

    97. Sanket Kalgunde

      what about leila season 2?

    98. Xavier

      i left my phone at home, when i returned, i found 30 miss calls from my grandma when i asked her why she called me, she told me that she wanted to tell me that i left my phone

      1. Momotaz Akter Mukta

        Ha ha ha

      2. @beéryçool

        Kaise hai tu yaha bhi

    99. powerlinkers

      crap useless movie. should be a flop.

    100. Udip Kunwar

      Oaa film mai thi kya😐️😐️ 4 minute scene😓

      1. R 2H

        Hindi me h ya english me?