Ray | Official Teaser | Manoj Bajpayee, Ali Fazal, Kay Kay Menon & Harshvarrdhan Kapoor

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    Some of the best directors come together to create an epic anthology as an ode to one of the greatest storytellers of all time - Satyajit Ray.

    premieres June 25th only on Netflix.

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    1. PAC Food and Travel Show

      Nice teaser

    2. Psychopath Nik

      Got it, you want to see your out of time pride in this movie... . Which you started watching from the sketch of the teaser itself.

    3. Daario Naharis

      Music seems like stranger things

    4. Satyam Singh

      *FUN FACT:-* * Satyajit Ray sir decided to make a *movie in late 1960s "THE ALIEN". It* *was to be co-produced by Hollywood* *production 'Columbia pictures' but* *eventually movie got cancelled. In the* *late 1980s Steven Spielberg stole this* *idea and made 'E.T:- the extraterrestrial',* *which was later remade in bollywood as* *"koi mil gya'*

    5. Liza Kalita

      Can't wait..


      Netflix please work on professor sonku....its another masterpiece by the maestro


      We would never see his likes again.

    8. Tuhinangshu Mukherjee

      Really ?? These 4 stories seem to a tribute to satyajit ?? From netflix .... ?? Really ?? Anythung you can do to sell ur product .. awesome

    9. Amar Powar

      Most awaited creation of the year.

    10. Raja Sarkar

      Legendary, the maestro Satyajit Ray is the name❤Proud to be a Bengali.

    11. H!! FIVE

      The Only FilmMaker who got StandingApplause in Oscar

    12. Abhishek Khajuria

      awesome ❤️

    13. Subham Bhattacharya

      Who the hell dislikes this?

    14. nitish mridha

      Thanks NETFLIX

    15. Devdutt Sarkar

      Just saw the Starcast and I decided to watch the film. It's enough for me.

    16. prasenjit chakraborty

      thank god .... true actors are involved in this legendary project....happy to see our legend getting recognition

    17. Amysnewlife

      Irfan Khan should have been here. 🙏

    18. Shru Chettri

      Where can I watch his films with English subtitles?

    19. YUsm

      Since it's based on Satyajit Ray's work.. be careful about the direction. Please don't destroy as sanjay leela bhansali did with Sharatchandra's script.

    20. Doyel's Nest

      I am from Calcutta. Proud of my city and the magnificent Ray

    21. Tripper Sourav

      Bangali ke niye film ar bangali nei bah..........

    22. Ankur Sharma

      He has never given a flop film in his whole career

    23. Mukul Jaiswal

      THE CAST !!! Couldn’t get mor e awesome!

    24. eazy abhishek jadhav

      netflix steppin in right direction with indian content one of the legends in cinema and his story to be told,heard and seen by everyone good going

    25. Samhita Ghosh

      If only I could meet the Satyajit Ray once it would have been a life lived rightly! Thanks and Best wishes to Netflix !

    26. Raja Banerjee


    27. Joydeep Nath

      He won an academy honorary award not just an ordinary Oscar. That's enough to define who he was!

    28. Aakash Mitra

      I am sure this teaser will not gain millions of views because somewhere we lost our great taste in cinema on those 440 volts and Sheela ki Jawani.

    29. Rojina Khatun

      Ray is the only ray..Proud to be a Bangali..😍🥰

    30. Avinash Doad

      No ray ....only Dada Saheb falke is only pioneer of industry he given birth to indian cinema

    31. ananda kamal Das

      Satyajit Ray... The RAY of World Cinema... Enough said....

    32. shib sankar Laha

      Thanks netflix

    33. Bong Fish

      I honestly hope India opens it's eyes to this ultimate genius. Netflix has made a good start. We need many more such efforts to tell India about this once in a century filmmaker. 🙏

    34. Rituparna Rooj

      Such a beautiful and most awaited thing to pay tribute to Sir Satyajit Ray. He was a gem to the Cinema....

    35. Aaditya Ray

      Yeh Teaser tha toh Motion Poster kisko bolte hai yrr😐

    36. Biltu Mondal

      Netflix realising ray and hoichoi making dupur thakur pou 3

    37. Haroon Abass

      The amount of talent involved in this project is immense

    38. Priyanka Mukherjee

      I have a feeling KK Menon in Bahrupiya is basically Mayurkonthi Jelly. I may be wrong of course, but he would play that slimy scientist character really well.

      1. Soumyaprava Mukherjee

        নাম দেখে আমার মনে হচ্ছে বহুরূপী গল্পের নিকুঞ্জ সাহা হতে পারে, যিনি নিজের ওপর নিজেই মেক-আপ করতেন।

    39. Kalyan Saha

      Hope it is not a bllywood fuckfest..

    40. Snehasish Mukherjee

      Very good to see paying tribute to Satyajit Ray but unfortunately one can hardly any Satyajit Ray film in Netflix If Netflix wants to really pay respect to Mr. Ray request Neflix to acquire the rights of Ray's films and upload them with English subtittles so that Non Bengali audience too can appreciate his body of work esp Apu Trilogy , Goopu Gayen Baaga Baen Trilogy ,Charulata , Protidondi and of course Feluda,s films

    41. Knowing steps

      I think this must be huge .....



    43. piyush sahni

      Great Starcast

    44. Souvick Singha Roy

      Don't make comedy in Satyajit Ray's name. Understand bengali culture first.

    45. Suranjana Chowdhury

      Not a single bengali child is there whose childhood has not been touched by Ray❤️ legend

    46. Najma ka Loverboy

      Kk Menon and manoj vajpayee in one movie is like virat and Sachin in one team

    47. Sushant Shekhar

      Time when Hollywood copied his story.

    48. Channel name


    49. K A Status

      Waiting for ali fazal

    50. Quotivation

      Kay Kay Menon ❤️

    51. Freedom's

      I haven't seen any of Ray movies. Tell me one which is a must.

      1. আটকে মোহন বাগান

        Apu trilogy, goopy byne bagha byne series , Sonar Kella, Joy Baba Felunath. And if you are mature enough then you can also watch Charulata and Jalshaghar

    52. Kartik Sheriyaar

      Yeh movie sir satyajit ray ki biopic hai

    53. navanil dey

      kids:use netflix legends:use telegram thanks yaaar ab 2k kar wa do

    54. BHARAT Singh Chouhan

      Pride of INDIA

    55. ET

      Thats a horrible title design.

    56. Puneet Bhatnagar

      Piggybacking on the master! He is the interstellar space and the filmy crowd has not even reached the moon. Sometimes I am shocked to see the craftsmanship he produced in the 1960s. Bollywood is like kindergarten kids even in the 2020s.

    57. Srijon Bardhan

      Satyajit Ray. A light that once lived on earth. Sorry Netflix.

    58. Rahul vinal Narayan

      The greatest director of Indian cinema.

    59. prabhat ranjan

      Goosebumps ❤️

    60. The photography guy

      Proud to be a Bengali

    61. Dr.Naveen Jaswal

      The Ray of Hope by kay kay Menon☺️✌️🙏

    62. Anupam Das

      Proud being a bengali and watching his movie since childhood, such a grt man he was, which cant be expalined, but finally All the bengalis and specially Sandip Ray will be proud, thanks Netflix India Thanks Sayantan Mukherjee Kudos to the casting director who choose Manoj Vajpayee, Kay Kay, Ali Fazal

    63. Indira Paul

      Super excited for this 🎉🎉🎉😀😀😀

    64. Souvik Chakraborty

      That man is G.O.A.T in Indian cinema. ❤️. We need that kind of directors in our Indian Cinema Industry.

    65. Jishnu..😋

      Oscar boy.... Thank you sir....


      মহা রাজা তোমাই সেলাম

    67. Dev Raj

      Dislikes karne wala ma ka bhosda haain!


      "Ray" is not a surname its an emotion for every bengalis. From Gupigain baghabain to feluda, professor shanku to tarini khuro, pather panchali to agantuk, we all grew up. Even the charm of sunday suspense also lies on satyajit ray series. He is a man having extraordinary talents. Proud to be a bengali and having a gem like this in bengal.

    69. Skull Slayers

      Thank god its an honour that a biopic movie is made on a Bengali I cant express my feelings now I always expect from Manoj Bajpayee and Kay Kay Menon in making a movie masterpiece hopes they both do their character well.

    70. Shouvik Mahapatra

      মহারাজা তোমারে সেলাম ❤️

    71. Naureen Najam

      My favourite is Charulatta

    72. Tanuj Alexis

      Clicked for Kay Kay Menon❤️

    73. Marnali Dey

      উনি সিনেমা তৈরি করতেন না.. উনি একটা করে অধ্যায় সৃষ্টি করতেন.. রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর যদি বিশ্বকবি হোন তো সত্যজিৎ রায় বিশ্ব নির্মাতা.. আমরা গর্বিত তিনি বাঙালির ঘরের মানিক 🙏

    74. belicimogal28

      I am excited yet scared about this..like no disrespect will be allowed to Bengal's treasure 😐

    75. Monu sharma comedy biddu

      My 2 bollywood Movie

    76. asfak alam khan

      Any bengali here?

    77. pompy5

      looks like every hindi movie / webseries has a minimum 1 Star Kid quota.

    78. Bhaskar Ghosh

      Well the pinnacle of indian cinema started with him..Scorsese,Wes Anderson, Nolan name any director they were fans..He took Bengali cinema to heights

    79. its sanam

      Christopher Nolan himself follow Ray's work

    80. 10 Swastik Sai

      Amazing cast

    81. Vicky Ogale

      Areeyyy...... Kabse intazar tha aaj ki shaam ka... Ab dekho kya krta hai ye banda hindustaan ka.... Satyajeet ray.. Oscar winner.... Really curious to watch ..🤩🤩

    82. Sayan Das

      This series better be great..Otherwise it will be an insult to Satyajit Ray sir

    83. BONG★BOY

      The Legend Satyajit Ray.... নামটিই যথেষ্ট। প্রখ্যাত চলচিত্র নির্মাতা,শিল্পী,লেখক,দার্শনিক আরও অনেক অনেক বেশি কিছু। ♥♥♥

    84. Sanju M

      Great initiative👍

    85. Aiswarya Dwivedy

      Thanks Netflix you add another feather to your crown by addin Ray..Naam hi kaafi hai.


      All Legends Are Here 🔥🔥

    87. Jayanta Moi

      @VivekBindra watch this teaser and think what the things is bengal!!!



    89. ourworld

      Hoping this is good.

    90. Monster

      Kattarpanthi Ali Fazal ke sivaa baki sari cast achhi hai

    91. Anik Saha

      Ray was a genius & pride of all bengalis ❤️

    92. Arpit christy

      why is there a Kapoor in this great film? and SPOTLIGHT? really??

    93. শচীন মণ্ডল

      সত্যজিৎ রায় A legend 🔥🔥🔥

    94. Amit:D

      "Pratidwandi' his fav and mine .

    95. Pritam Chakraborty

      Roy🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 not Ray🤨

      1. Pritam Chakraborty

        Satyajit Roy a one man army from all over INDIA🙏🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Ja ekhono keu enar dhare kache keu nei😏

      2. Sumit Joshi

        *Satyajit Ray

    96. Xavier

      If u see me everywhere then it mean that u are everywhere

    97. Abhik Chakraborty

      "satyajit ray" naam hi kaafi h

    98. bipin shukla


    99. Rajarshi Bhattacharjee

      Netflix mention Srijit in the credits

    100. ᎢᏚ々ᎠᏆᏢ

      Satyajit Ray Naam hi kaafi hai 🔥 Proud to be an Bangali ❤️