Ray | Official Trailer | Manoj Bajpayee, Ali Fazal, Kay Kay Menon & Harshvarrdhan Kapoor

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    Woah, it's almost like the dream team of Indian Cinema have assembled!

    Four unique individuals go on to achieve great things in their respective fields. But will their success be their own undoing? Did their success come at a cost? Watch these four timeless stories unfold, Ray, premieres 25th June.

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    Ray | Official Trailer | Manoj Bajpayee, Ali Fazal, Kay Kay Menon \u0026 Harshvarrdhan Kapoor

    From a satire to a psychological thriller, four short stories from celebrated auteur and writer Satyajit Ray are adapted for the screen in this series.

    रोजी प्रकाशित केले 15 दिवसांपूर्वी


    1. Ashish Chadha

      Waiting for Gajraj Rao

    2. Suhartya Sarkar

      bgm stolen from black widow

    3. Dark Knight

      Harshavarrdhan Kapoor looks like Emiway Bantai

    4. Dhipin Sivadasan

      is that Black widow theme ?

    5. shubham nanet

      1:46 so they copied black widow background music and no one noticed

    6. Girish Bhardwaj

      Series somewhere copied from murder on the orient express (2017)

    7. Shubhanshu Kumar

      Black window ka bgm lgra isme

    8. Danish Khan

      Batman background music🤣


      The background music is from black widow

    10. Kirttana Boro


    11. Saumoditya Bhattacharya

      1:06 this music is exactly like the one in the Black Widow trailer

    12. Adarsh kumar

      Background music is copied from black widow background music

    13. Aryan


    14. Debojit Saha

      Theme song Feels Like Black Widow . I Guess 🤣

    15. Shubhanshu Jain

      Satyajit Ray will live forever ♾

    16. Its Allien

      GUDDU PANDIT. SHREE KK MENON MS DHONI COACH 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    17. Ritish Rahul

      MANOJ SIR❤️

    18. Sehaj Gupta

      Background song name ?

    19. Bikash Kalita

      Soundtrack look like black widow movie soundtrack

    20. Madhavan

      Black widow Marvels ka music copied sa laga.. a good story but music bhi apna hona chahiye tha

    21. Ram Jayadeep B

      Who realised that the music was taken from Black Widow's trailer

    22. Rohit Singh

      Why is no one talking about the fact that the soundtrack used in Black Widow second trailer has been used in this trailer too...... Dunno if this is good or not😬😬

    23. Akash Ghosh

      Why Is Satyajit Ray the greatest director? - today you have monitors and Digital videos which you can edit and cut as much time you want, He did it on reel. You had to be absolutely sure where to cut where to transition. -He brought reality to screen. Bollywood was presenting Beautiful Technicolor Lie, he was presenting the subtle nuances of life( which is the most difficult part of expression,eg. Imagine explaining taste in words to someone of different language) - he was master story teller, some of his concepts where way ahead of his time. 2021 has also not matched the vision he has. Now imagine everything he did without Google/ Internet/ Technology.

    24. Shanoes Hameed

      Black widow trailer music copied..

    25. The Visual Artist's Show

      Looks very promissing👌👌

    26. Rashid Iqbal

      the Indian cinema is breaking limitations, you don't need big budget or vfx to take care of cinema.

    27. Sunil Hero

      Why the bgm copied from Marvels black widow

    28. Saahil Shaikh

      I think mushafir khan( monoj bajpaye) story adapted from "first class kamra".

    29. Rohit Karki

      While everyone is here saying BGM copied and bla bla, I am here to enjoy the content delivery of this series showcase in the trailer!

    30. Durga Prasad Hembram

      The way OTT platforms are giving master class web series with talented artists are purely mesmerizing. This trailer seems no less than a Hollywood level of essence.

    31. Tarun Dubey

      That laugh alone is enough !!!! Goose bumps

    32. Rohit Jadhav

      soundtrack feels like black widow trailer

      1. Rohit Jadhav

        @Rohit Karki The content is going to be awesome, obviously I have no doubt because they've got Manoj Bajpayee

      2. Rohit Karki

        Don't look at i bgm everytime. Looks the content delivery of this series. 🙄

    33. 36 Rohith K

      Why @Audiomachine Why

    34. BGMI多 YOGESH

      Cast is full of underrated actors this and Story Is so interesting Waiting For This Movie 🍿🍿🍿 Ali Fazal Kay Kay Menon Manoj Bajpayee And Harshvardhan Kapoor 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    35. Sid Makes Games

      Kudos to all those people who knew about legendary Satyajit Ray before watching this trailer 🤟🏻 From the look of the trailer I believe they are going to do justification with all 4 stories

    36. Abhi

      Wait, did you guys seriously copy pasted the soundtrack of Black Widow? Unbelievable, Billion Dollar company and you guys couldn't even compose a soundtrack by yourselves.

    37. Sûbhåjìt Hàldãr

      Many Diamond is on one frame its ❤️🔥

    38. Orchid Chatterjee

      This is what you can call perfection and content all A++ actors

    39. Shravan Dikshith

      We live in a world where stupid love stories get hundreds of millions of views while masterpieces like these aren't even crossing 10 million.... Shameful

    40. dot.

      Another blockbuster from real actors

    41. Sanchit

      Black Widow soundtrack! Or is it? I forgot!

    42. Jalal Pal

      Why does the background music sounds like from Black widow?

    43. Koushiki Pal

      Keo bolte parbe kon 4te golpo eta? Akta Bipin Choudhury er smritibhrom mone hochhe. Baki gulo ki?

    44. Anubhav Anand

      Good trailer, but have they copied Black Widow's music?

      1. Rohit Karki

        @Ansh Agarwal right.

      2. Ansh Agarwal

        @Anubhav Anand similar toh hoga hi jab dono ne ek hi bgm ko license kra hain 😆😆😆

      3. Anubhav Anand

        I'm sure they get licensed, but watch Black Widow's first trailer and you'll find it similar

      4. Ansh Agarwal

        They get licensed bro 🙂 just like Marvel also licensed that bgm

    45. bond pond

      ..I can't stop imaging The great Irfan, legendary Om puri, Nasserudin shah should have been in this type of cult classic cameo.

    46. Random

      The casting couldn't have been better.

    47. 35 MM Silver Screen

      Guys the trailer is awesome but the soundtrack seems Black Widow inspired!

    48. Akankhya Mohanty

      Why the background music is copied from black widow

    49. Yugali Upadhyay

      I am here for Manoj bajpayee sir ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    50. vijayantony sureshkumar

      Is this anthology series ?

    51. LK

      Why did they use the black widow trailer music tho? LOL

    52. Ajad Maddheshiya

      I am big fan of ali fazal ❣️❣️❣️

    53. Seeril Murmu

      Background music r like black widow trailer

    54. Nusrat Zahan Mou

      Can someone please tell me the name of the story of Kay Kay Menon?

    55. Raghav Jajoo

      Trailer music same as black widow trailer music

    56. Shourya srivastava

      Harshvardhan is nailing it..

    57. Lalit Patil

      This looks intense. This is how a top-notch trailer should be made.

    58. Satyajit Mohanty

      Goosebumps ❤️

    59. We Roast Gether

      i think that the title song i heard was of black widow movie

    60. amit kr

      स्टोरी भी बदनाम और कैरेक्टर से भी छेड़छाड़,बहुत गलत, I don't like👎

    61. Anand Singh Vlogs

      Starting tone copied from avenger trailer and medium tones are copied from black widow trailer😂😂 saalo kuchh to apna bana lo ki sirf copy karte rahoge..

    62. Salman Kahn

      How black widow music

    63. Sandeep Raj

      Black Widow ka BGM copy kiye

    64. 726hunny

      Background music is from marvels black widow 🙄

    65. Aahana Chakraborty

      Why is the background music so similar to that of Black Widow's

    66. Karthik N

      Did anyone realize that the bgm is copied from the black widow trailer? xD

    67. Naqib Siddiqui

      The background music is from Marvel's Black Widow. You're welcome :)

    68. Àyush Singh

      Can I get Name Of the Tune Used!?

    69. Ankit Pareek

      Copied the background score from Black Widow. Distasteful. Let's hope you don't ruin Ray's stories now

    70. raed gamal

      I hope it wouldn't be a piece of sh*t like ajeeb dastan

      1. raed gamal

        I love Manoj and Kay Kay movies so I hope Netflix wouldn't spoil the whole thing as usual

    71. Maya Sasane

      Dear Netflix, I know you copied samuel kim's music I hope you gave him money

    72. Soumyadeep Dutta

      Who is watching from maestro Satyajit Ray's city Kolkata! 🙌🏼🌉

    73. Madhunjay Singh

      And I got distracted when bgm turned into endgame trailer

    74. plabon drunk

      All powerfull tiger are together here. It will be rockzz✊✊✊

    75. Prathamesh Gaonkar

      Time for Kay Kay to shine

    76. Neeladri Dhar

      Manoj Bajpayee, K. K. Menon, some big names in the Bollywood Industry; hopefully it would be a historical venture ever in Netflix. But, the most important part is, the biggest name in the Indian Film Industry is associated with this initiative, Mr. Satyajit Ray ! "Ray" is an adaption from Ray's story. I think, for Mr. Ray, this web series would have been the priority list of international audiences as well. Wishing great success to the "Team Ray" !!!! 👍👍👍

    77. Horn Ok Please

      the trailer looks fantastic, can't wait to watch guddu(ali), sardarkhan(manoj) and khurram (kk) in same frame!!! But why the bgm seems to be copied from marvel black widow official trailer?

      1. aman moon

        I was going to comment the same . It is copied.

    78. Sharry mann

      ali fazal ❤

    79. Akhil Kumar

      Imagine how many people will watch it just bcoz of ray

      1. Sameer Hafeez


    80. Akash Sharma

      25 jun ka intjar hai

    81. Vijayendra kumar

      Look of k k menon is superb

    82. Pranay Das

      Music - Audiomachine We Are Gods... Also used in Black Widow trailer 😍

    83. Tribikram Bihari

      All are talented and legendary actors


      Black widow ka we are gods ka theme music 😀😀

    85. tarun vadde

      Satyajit Ray, naam hi kafi he.

    86. Aditya Singh

      Manoj and Ali My Favorites ❤️❤️❤️

    87. Himanshu Jain

      Black widow theme music copy paste

    88. S4sachin

      isme black widow ka music b h....kisi ne notice kiya?

    89. Bruce wayne

      Hope Netflix doesn't disappoint again.

    90. Satyaki Kundu

      Ummm.. The BGM of this and The Black Widow is the same

    91. Suprith Dsouza

      It's black widow tune added 😂😂

    92. Er Saif

      I am excited and waiting for double fun with Ali fazal and Manoj bakpeyee...

    93. Raman Kumar

      K k n manoj sir

    94. Majda Khan

      Mirzapur+family man+Special OPs+Anil Kapoor's son=this multistarer webseries

      1. V C

        @Majda Khan ok

      2. Majda Khan

        @V C Bhavesh Joshi ? what's that ...😂anil Kapoor name is only known.

    95. sai rajk

      Black widow trailer ka bgm hai

    96. abhay gupta

      This background score seems familiar 🤔👀

    97. Dattatrey Pansare

      Is anyone watch black widow trailer some music look like copy of black widow trailer isn't it?

    98. Rahul creative

      Institute of acting Manoj sir 🙏🏻

    99. Harsh Naik

      What is harshwardhan doing in this star studded cast😩