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    Safarnama? More like Suffer-nama 🤭

    Suhani, Pulkit \u0026 Nishant will take a literal "trip" down memory lane and discuss their craziest travel stories in today's episode of 'Ye Toh Kuch Bhi Nahi'! 🛣
    Got a story? You get to join the live and share your story with these three and everyone! 😍
    Hum intezar karenge!

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    1. lord Voldemort

      Zoom call is not a content

    2. Sumanth Shetty

      Call karan singh boomer for one episode

    3. Ayushman Panda

      Airport authority of india is planning to ban suhani till she gets married . ~sources


      @Netflix India why isn't today's stream starting???

      1. Alka Pathak

        Even today there's no stream

    5. Kamaldeep Punia

      conclusion: sri lanka sucks

    6. terry harlan

      Bring samay again please

    7. Lakshaya Rajput

      Hm to bus ke uppr bhi soye h Esme Kia h 🙄🙄🙄

    8. TOXIK

      Please... Vipul Goyal ko leke aooo please....

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    10. Shubh day

      My worst travel memories is to sit on my mother's in bus😁 to afjust less money for that 🤣

    11. Aven Justor Tamil

      What the hell guys you all are netflix has most of movies and series ar in English and Hindi why they are not in Tamil Telugu Netfilx india was came in for destibute the movies and series in Indian language hindi is not a only indian language india had tamil telugu malayalam kanadam gujarathi marathi hindi please guys give that most of movies and series in tamil telugu hindi malayalam mostly speaking language please guys please We Want Army Of The Dead in Tamil

    12. Divyansh Kantiwal

      Add second season of welcome Iruma kun to demon school plzzzz 🙏

    13. Hem Shah

      Now whenever i hear pune and bus i remember story of rohan of last stream😂😂😂

    14. GB KI MEMES 2.0

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      1. Shubh Lotus

        Bhai team bana k krna h kya kuch..tera youTube experice mera trvelling experience..

    15. GB KI MEMES 2.0

      Helo i am very poor😥 i dont have job to handle my family😭 i work on MRplans but no a good reponse😭 youthink i am worse thank other😭😭😭.........

    16. abhishek gupta

      Please add naruto shippuden

    17. Amit Chate

      We need vipul Goyal next time

      1. Amit Chate

        @Mohd Arsalan dadaji ki bhi yehi aakrhu icha hai

      2. Mohd Arsalan

        That will be the most epic stream


      Nishant bhai big fan

    19. Abdul Ameen

      What about made web series on kray brother s

    20. Shivani Dubey

      Rider op❤ suhani op❤ pulkit op❤

    21. Pritam Sadhukhan

      Nishant bhai ko selute 🙏

    22. Kaushik Bhadane

      Are live chat band kyu hai?

    23. Abdul Sami

      Suhani looking younger sister of 'Jeeya Sethi'

    24. Priyam Manoj Saikia

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      20,000 views and 5 comments 😂

      1. racist Ronin

        Sani vlog please f**k off

      2. Nikhil eshwar

        It's live stream for your knowledge

    26. Raja Babu

      Best one

    27. Tanmayi Joshi

      enjoyed this stream

      1. Capital Gamer

        If you see my community tab's post (photo) then I promise you that you not stop your laughing🤣😅🤣....

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