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    Hang in there, it gets better. Always. ❤️

    Get your dose of motivation from your favorite characters and catch them in Dear Zindagi, Kal Ho Naa Ho, The Kissing Booth 2, Bojack Horseman and Tamasha, streaming on Netflix.

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    1. Akash Pal

      Thank You Netfilx for such a video❣️.... This content really helps us in seeing the other side of every situation.... Dear Zindagi, my fav of all time and others as well, these lines sometimes are a kind of advices which we need in times when we can't share things to anyone else😌....

    2. Abhishek

      Best is always reserved for the last👍

    3. Suraj Singh Official

      Netflix please upload tamasha... On Netflix ❤️

    4. Jyoti Sharma

      Alia is a good actress whatever you say

    5. Manjot Singh

      Thanks for this video☺️

    6. Manyata Rai

      SRK nails in every role. EVERY. he might deliver a bad film but never a bad performance. Damn. He's perfect.

    7. Fake Timothy

      Damn that horse part was really motivating for me as a student😺

    8. TAPAS NAG

      Back in the 90s I was in a very famous Tv show

    9. Mj

      Being satisfied with my life 😊😎 And trying to live a simple life with all the best memories I have. No complaints, No demands 😊😊 Love you ❤ Netflix. Please don't stop entertainment 🙏😂😂😂

    10. Samrat Sur

      Aye. This is a good edit. Kudos guys!

    11. vjshaw

      Srk and rk my favorite

    12. Ameem Hasan Idreshi


    13. Nikita Agrawal

      To everyone going through a rough patch in life--"Koi baat nai, apni kahani h, ending change kar lenge"!!💫🤍💙

    14. Koushik's creation vines 🎭

      Mind-blowing 🔥👏

    15. Ishani Acharjee

      Tamasha always makes me cry.

    16. Ankit Malhotra

      Only the first dialogue and last one were reasonable and good.

    17. Piyal Mukherjee

      Srk 👌🏻

    18. Sarvesh Pandey


    19. kabhi gyan kabhi zindagi.

      The advice was written by script director So let's not snatch away the credits like we are habituated of doing. Netflix is losing their class by day by day .

    20. Food when Mood🤤

      Dear Zindagi ❤️

    21. Food when Mood🤤

      SRK is ❤️

    22. Friendly Supporter

      1:20 the transition!!❤️


      Least catchy bt most imp advice :-Doing sth every day makes things easy bt doing sth everyday is the hard part

    24. Megha Jain

      Ending wouldn't be perfect without tamasha❤️

    25. abhishek mishra

      The kissing booth scene 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    26. Naveen Jat

      Bakwas work hard be emotionless

    27. Shubham

      Meanwhile my parents motivating me - Follow your dreams *that we approve of*

    28. Talha

      Live your life as if it's your last ❤

    29. Kratik Mishra

      Live the Life lyk a Ranbir Kapoor Movie❤️❤️❤️

    30. rUshi Mahajan

      hey netflix dont make multifandoms now

    31. Cancer Rim

      SRK ❤️❤️ Proud to be a SRKian 😎😎😎

    32. Saahil Khan

      Wow srk, kya kah diya

    33. Shravani M

      I was hoping for the Dialogue from Gully boy when Ranveer confronts his dad and says “Abh koi doosra mujhe batayega mai kaun hai?”

    34. Harshita Pawar

      2:09 ending shi nhi h...toh koi baat nhi apni kahani h ending change kr lenge❤️❤️

    35. Meena Rajawat

      Talent and hard works that is all matters. If a start kid is deserving of what she/he has we should not bash them.

    36. Jayanti Pandey

      "Apni kahaani hai, ending change kar lenge." 🥺✨❤

    37. Rohan Salvi

      I needed it!



    39. Elysian_x

      Every Ranbir's Film has something to tell and Motivation

    40. Ruturaj Shiralkar

      Bhai's Advice Life mein 3 cheezo ko kabhi under-estimate nahin karna "I, Me & Myself" "Footpath ho ya Rasta, Kuchalna toh sirf Mera Haq hai"

    41. apoorv patole

      Apni kahani hai... ending change kar lenge...🤘🏻

    42. Idalmi Acosta

      Ranbir , my love!!!!!

    43. Ansh Baldwa

      Need a SRK-RANBIR movie Asap !!😤😩

      1. Isha Sharma


    44. fatematuz zohara


    45. Arjun Jangid

      Ranbir was 👌

      1. Isha Sharma

    46. Geet Pandya

      SRK's voice! unbeatable yaar! I love him so much❤❤ what about you netflix? plz reply!🥺❤

    47. Amrit Pal

      Tamasha ❤️

    48. Aditya Dixit

      If you find Advice in Bollywood movies and shows, no wonder your life is fucked up.

    49. Ujjwal Singh

      Great ❤️

    50. 108 Pathik Chakraborty

      Why Bojack isn't in the thumbnail?

    51. Aakash Singh

      SRK ❤️

    52. divya namdev


    53. Shivani Chaudhry

      Bojack horseman is for govt. job aspirants😁

    54. Purva1305

      Thank you This was needed🙂🤍

      1. Aspirational World

        Hi... can we become friends... I'm looking for genuine friendship 😀😀

    55. Anupam Ujawane

      I came here for BoJack.

    56. pankaj tidke

      I'm here for Ranbir

    57. Schrödinger's Cat

      Petition to Netflix to bring SRK and RK together in a single movie (no cameo).

    58. Rohn Sohan

      "Apni Kahani hai ending change kar Lenge" that scene from Tamasha and Ranbir's Acting 👏🙏💖

    59. Karina Jadhav

      What a start of day I had!!!

    60. John Wick

      You are a truly an inspiration person, Shah Rukh sir. I Love you.

    61. Lit life S

      Thank you for this

    62. Sonam Sahu

      Don't take any motivations from these bollywood movies.....Protect your life

    63. Aakanksha Anmol

      They started with SRK, Netflix sure knows how to utilize SRK's charm to its full potential.. :)

    64. Kaustubh Chakrabarti

      Biggest Fan of Ranbir Sir.

    65. Kaustubh Chakrabarti

      Love you Srk

    66. Trupti Kulkarni

      Got goosebumps 🙂💓

    67. Anush gadiya


    68. #Tony Stark#

      Inn chutiyo se life advice lena ...ghanta

    69. ZAK

      Waiting for pathan.

    70. Shah Rukh Khan Fans

      Shah rukh khan❤️

    71. Shah Rukh Khan Fans

      Dear zindagi is gem ❤️

    72. Sima Singh

      Timing of this video is so perfect 👌

    73. Akhil Vinayak S.

      BoJack's message is the most simple yet most difficult thing that an average person can achieve

    74. GUDDU Pandit

      Tamasha is just not a movie it’s a experience. ❤️ unfortunately it didn’t make big in the box office .

    75. Om Shedbale

      BoJack and RK❤️❤️❤️

    76. Rain

      SRK 😍💞🥀

    77. 3STAR- SKF

      SRK the king 👑 of Bollywood 👍👍

    78. Bindu Chandrasekharan

      Should have valued others lives were my favourite actor.....not anymore

    79. Planet Of Peace

      Rk ♥️♥️

    80. Heisenberg Shelby

      Petition for a Dr. Jehangir khan mini series

    81. Random dude

      Thanks a lot really needed this

    82. Rajeev Sharma

      You should give the credits to those who wrote these dialogues..

    83. Sandeep Meena

      The writers deserve credit of thease dialogues

    84. Ashikur Rahman

      This is a nice video

    85. HINDU !


    86. Roman's world

      SRK ... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    87. amankumartvs

      The third one i.e. the kissing booth dialogue was copied from dil chahta hai. Hope people know which scene I am talking about.

    88. Mandarix

      Srk my god 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    89. Nakshtra Jain


    90. Tech Vision

      कौन है ये नशेंडी चुतीया गॅंग ???

    91. Manik sharma


    92. Ranjit Upadhyay

      It's totally wrong...more you hold on to someone, they will slip away.... They will leave you even you care, love and gave freedom bcz they loved n be with you for their convenience until they found something better.

    93. Ghasiram ullaka

      Toh kesi lagi kahani Me:Boaring 🙄

    94. Ritvik tarun singh

      I love ranbir kapoor and his movies tamsha,YJHD,barfi,rockstar,wakeup sid,sanju ,ae dil h muskil

    95. Ritvik tarun singh

      Every time i watch tamasha i feels so emotional it's my favorite movie

    96. Priyanshi Tyagi

      This video really made me feel better. Thanks for sharing.

    97. Yugansh Verma

      the best compilation by netflix till date❣️

    98. Siddharth Sengupta

      This video feels like the answer to all of life's questions

    99. Nagasena Ayachitula


    100. Md Hasnaine