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    Rakita Reaction Time! 🕺🏻

    Watch Tanmay, Vineeth and Aravind SA as the hilarious trio react to the trailer of the much awaited Dhanush starrer Jagame Thandhiram!

    Jagame Thandhiram is the story of Suruli, a reckless gangster from Madurai who has to choose between good and evil in a war for what one can truly call home. Catch his story come to life on 18th June, on Netflix.

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    रोजी प्रकाशित केले 20 दिवसांपूर्वी


    1. suketh evani

      He was the lord of night's watch before Jon snow who gives him the valayrian sword with a wolf handle.

    2. mahtwoG 496

      THUMBNAIL TEXT English : Dhanush is so BadAss Tamil : Dhanush oru Ketta Kundi 😳

    3. Anay Biswas

      Did anyone notice the blurred Netflix logo on the trailer???

    4. Aleta Mariam Reji

      Red shirt guy is in jordian

    5. Seba Mathew

      You made us watch this movie !!! Did you watch the movie ?! Give us your reviews about the movie !!

      1. The Question Mark Animator

        One time pakkalam

    6. Hanaa Azhar

      Night Watchman is lord commander Mormont

    7. Aditi Dawra

      React to cdrama love 020

    8. Shri Ram

      Aravind you must be that irritating guy in the class who always keeps popping up for every question asked in the class.

    9. Saravanan Ilango

      Unga Reaction la Theeya (Fire) vaika.. Even you guys would have fast forwarded Second half daaaw... 😭

      1. The Question Mark Animator

        Forward pannitu movie super apudintu varuainga innum konjam naal la 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    10. Plan C Films

      Arvind is soo irritating

    11. T3 Jin gaming

      finally a good one landed here after watching the movie 5 out 5 if ur a true action lover 😘😘👌👌👌

    12. AI XP

      It's the shitiest movie I have seen in 2021

    13. Martin Leo

      Arvind.. My batch mate in UG.. You rock bro🤣🤣

    14. Subham Bhattacharya

      That guy played the father of Jorah Mormont, Khaleesi's bodyguard+forever friendzoned guy

    15. Hot Cheetos

      Now react to the whole movie!!

    16. anand kumar

      After all the over excitement of that white t-shirt fellow, this movie is possibly one of the worst!

    17. Kavin Kumar

      My mind voice after watching the whole movie Eenena pesranuga parunga Kambi katra kathayellam avuthu podranunga Intha aravind SA romba pesitan da.. Ivan kudutha hype la poi padam pathen.. Pochu mari iruku padam. Antha hindhi karan vera padam vera level ah irukumnu nenachutupathurupann.. my 2.8 gb data waste daa.

    18. Rahul varma

      He is Joer Mormont, the head of night's watch. He died in third season, he was betrayed by his own people when they were beyond the wall.

    19. Archit Thiagarajan

      They cast Father Kellan from Sons of Anarchy

    20. Blesson Babu

      It would have been better if the did reaction after watching the trailer.

    21. THE MASK GUY

      Man I hate this guy I can’t afford the Netflix subscription and this guy is talking so much

    22. K

      Santhosh Narayanan 's bhairava Best

    23. Hitesh yadula

      Enna enna solran parunga kambi katra kadhaailam. 😂😂 @Aravind SA


      James cosmo

    25. ChiPpO oo

      HD ഇറങ്ങിയത് കൊണ്ട് Review എങ്ങനെ ഉണ്ട് എന്ന് നോക്കാൻ vannavar Undo😂✌

    26. Raeez rz

      RIP to this video and Aravind's high hopes of this movie.

      1. sachdeep sivakumar

        It might actually be good. But Aravind is an idiot. Doesn't need so much explanation

    27. Arjun V

      The gun scene is the best in trailer

    28. raj Kumar

      😂😂make a video on how the mve is Want to see ur reactions after seeing such bummer mve with these expectations🤣🤣🤣 Pitty u guys

    29. shanawaz nellikunnil

      His father, Gajaraj, is an actor who has acted in many supporting roles in films like Mundasupatti and Kabali.[4]

    30. Akanksha Sharma

      Dhanush fans can't keep calm!

    31. FX Studios

      I'm so proud of Tamil cinema... so JT finally releasing tomorrow!!

    32. Benson Caleb.S

      Omg ᴍʏ ғᴀᴠᴏʀɪᴛᴇ Jᴏʀᴅɪɴᴅɪᴀɴ

    33. Thianesh INDIAN AERO

      Tanmay: Whos is this ? Tywin Lannister.. 😂🤣🤣 His name in GOT is Jeor Mormont, He is the one who gave his Valyrium steel Sword to John Snow

    34. The Question Mark Animator

      Karthik subburaj be like : dei subtitles ku na ippudiyellam yosikala da

    35. Arfath Abbas

      That night watchman is know as Jeor Mormount former lord of bear island

    36. Crypto News Master

      download Pi Network on you phone and mine Pi Network Coin. it's going to list in Dec 2021. use code "yashsethia07". great investment opportunity.

    37. rohan patel

      Will this movie come in Hindi also

    38. Asiyah Thakur

      Aravind is so irritating😒

    39. 354 D Siya Basantani

      Will tanmay reacts on dear zindagi?😅😍

    40. Abrajeethan அபராஜிதன்

      The last reference is famous and funny because in that movie "Amaidhi padai" the politician will scout the hero while hero was a orphan beggar gathering broken coconut pieces from temple for snack because of his oratory skills😅 later once he betrays politician, becomes MLA and proclaims himself came from chola dynasty 😂 from kottaachi (coconut shell) his maiden name to Nagaraja chola MLA 😂

    41. Nishant

      Hey Tanmay You should react to 'Enjoy Enjaami ' a 2021 Tamil Song which gained huge popularity.

    42. Saad Mohammed

      O Buddha kfc wala hay 😂

    43. Himanshu Sahu

      Dhanush sir 🙏


      Karthik subraj Tamils treasure

    45. kzaisar

      Commentators: keep forcing Tanmay to pause to give him context Tanmay: Plz let me watch...I keep read the subtitles hahahaha

    46. Yes Way!

      So amazing! 1 North Indian with 2 irritating South Indians is the best combo ever! Enjoyed this video a lot!

      1. Prakash Raj

        Poda koothi

    47. 019 Balakkumaran.S

      Arvind is irritating

    48. HoneyRude

      Tanmay bhat being SOUTH INDIAN

    49. ramdev director

      All are brahmins of different state Most of them are tamil brahmins

    50. Nooba Play

      Even with the default settings of the video the white t shirt guy is speaking with 2x speed 😂

    51. Mah Narayan

      Within three minutes my head ache started... CRAP

    52. Devansh kakkad

      Brian cox- Logan roy from Succession

    53. Abdul Raheem Beig


    54. Abdul Raheem Beig

      world : english indians: Indlish south indian: da indlish

    55. Kabilan Vijayakumar

      He's not the night watchman 😂😂 He is Jorah Mormont's father Jeor Mormont

    56. T. Noah Samuel

      Alternate Title : Jagame Thandhiram Trailer Breakdown...

    57. Artist Craving

      Gotha kill bill scene kadayathu daa aravind it’s from pudhu petta. Odane Tarantino da Hollywood reference ra nu vara vendiyathu

    58. Ranjith kutty_edits

      But dhanush beat rajini records..🔥😎🔥

    59. Sam D.

      This is not reacts...this is analysis! And i am here for it


      It james cosmo from GOT

    61. Mahesh Sai

      He is lord commander of night wathmen

    62. Suraj Kumar

      Bahut hi bakchod reaction

    63. Bharath

      arvind is an annoying guy interrupting between. Tanmay would be thinking i m not that dumb to not understand this.

    64. TruthBytes

      OMG, Vineeth Kumar & Tanmay look like Brothers!😂😂

    65. Jeffry Rajan

      Waiting for gymbody word in Jordindian


      Respect that old Man He's the lord of bear islands, mighty weilder of sword long claw, lord commander of the night's watch, ser Joer of house Mormont of bear islands Respect him😂🤣😅

    67. bhavana s

      Aravind is like an English teacher who breaks down every single line of the English book to analyse it.

    68. Arun_bruh

      Watch demon slayer pls pls pls 😭

    69. Amogh vikramaditya


    70. A P

      Cut out is usually put for wedding functions in TN..

    71. muthali ganesh

      More than the trailer it is Arvind all throughout the video

    72. GALACTUS

      The fact that they hired Heir Mormont for this blows my mind. GØT for life...except 8th Season

    73. Tinku

      More like Tanmay listens than reacts. Other 2 guys ruined the video.

    74. Brown Ace

      Tanmay is also South Indian he is kannadiga

      1. Sohrab The Socialist

        he's from Mangalore but we dont know if he's Tulu, Konkani or Kanndadiga. Because all three communities have Bhats. But I;m guessing Tulu or Kannada.

    75. Nasfan Nazeer

      Baba master 5.20 ❤️🔥

    76. Mahes Kumar

      Pudhupettai Dhanush upgraded to International Gangster 🔥🔥🔥❤️😎 veerrithanama iruku da 🔥

    77. Ninja Fishy

      8:21 emiway bantai twin be like

    78. Tejas Khedekar

      Karthik subbaraj and Dhanush are just like anurag kashyap and Nawazuddin

    79. Sanil Kumar

      Hii Aravind can we join you in jordindian

    80. yogesh agrawal

      Arvind is a kind of guy who can turn a 2hr movie into 2 season series

    81. sssdddsss

      Jeor Mormont, the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch


      Netflix it's not fair .. why Tanmay gives reaction all tym try new youtubers

    83. Sradha Kamath

      AHAHAHAHHAHAHA they're talking so much it's hilarious

    84. C.shashi kirana

      Beep the racoon

    85. Imran Quraishi

      Yes next time, can you guys just watch the trailer first and react to it and not pause every damn 5 seconds to explain. I lost interest half way in coz all this context setting would have worked if I knew what context I have to think in. Sorry ruined the video.

    86. Ronnie Dutta


    87. Ronnie Dutta

      How many of you remember last year Tanmay reacted to EXTRACTION 😂

    88. tony✔️

      Both those south indians were so irritating in the video🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

      1. Prem Kumar

        Ooooo😂 stfu beeda boys😂

    89. Sahil Soni

      He is the father of jorah mprmont(the one who is with daeneryes from the very first).

    90. Monika M Priya

      South Indian guys fanboying over Dhanush is bliss and so relatable.

    91. surya kumar

      Sa Aravind vaaai romba jaasthi ya yo... that why no body watches his stand up.

    92. Siddhant Gosavi

      Commander Mormont of the night watch.... before john snow...

    93. Deepak Chaudhary

      C ho tum log

    94. Vishwesh Rajan

      SA is so cringe here. Just let the dude enjoy the trailer man damn xD

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    96. Kartik Khadabadi

      We want these 3 again i love them all😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍all 3 are my fav 😅

    97. Ahamed Jan

      It's James cosmo

    98. Bharat kumar

      Arvind is that one guy in group who will ruin everything for you.. watta annoying guy

    99. Sripriya

      I laughed so hard when Tanmay taught danush is a politician for the banners 😂 and they explained u just have to be slightly popular in the street for that treatment 😂😂😂

      1. Krishna Harasha

        It's normal in Tamil Nadu 😂even 10th grade kids makes banners for themselves.

    100. WIN NING

      White man 🤣